Sunday, 9 September 2012

Madden NFL 13 First thoughts.

So I'm a big Madden Fan and this year I've been super excited for the latest release. I picked up my pre-order and dived straight into the new Connected Careers mode. Wow! About time they updated the former "Superstar" mode. With more of an RPG feel then ever before XP is gained from Practice as well as Weekly Goals, Season Goals and Milestone Goals.The ability to take your players career online against 31 other players or coaches has also been added which is a major step. But i few things were missing from the new look mode, including the rookie draft. Rather then being drafted when you start your career you just pick a team which takes away a little of the realness but all and all this is a big step on the superstar modes of the past. Now I've heard alot of people say "Where is Franchise Mode" and "EA Sports you took away Franchise Mode you suck" , Well this isn't the case. Franchise mode is still there just under a new name. To do Franchise Mode you need to start a Career as a coach. Yes, i know there are a few big things missing (Fantasy Draft, Ability to play with more then 1 user on the same franchise offline) But really if you don't have the internet these days then really you are missing out. This years Madden takes all the features of franchise mode online unlike Madden's of the past. The New Infinity Engine makes this the best Madden game play wise in years. the hits are huge and the impacts off the ball are just as well animated. New commentary was long over due and is a welcome improvement. Overall i think this is the best madden in years and yes there are things they could have done better what game has no flaws?? Not many.

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